A killer is playing a deadly game of murder throughout the five boroughs of New York City’s inner city hoods. Power and a volume of ruthless revenge becomes the last hustle for a lot of drug dealers that will die by the unforgiving shadow of death. The rules of survival have blemished, and the deceiver of an unknown killer has no problem with killing at will…

Murder season has changed the game of hustling’ dope in the hood. Corruption is in the cold-blooded eyes of the beholder who squeezes the trigger to kill. To the invisible; danger lurks a soaking’ blood journey in the gritty thirsty streets of New York city realm. High stakes can be a rich price for getting drug money and the only escape from it all is a black casket for the pretense of men crooked destiny.

Sly Hall and his partner King Shawn John, been selling drugs since the day they came off the porch. Wealthy by the trade of pushing dope, Sly and King have earned their respect from the hardcore bricks of the South Bronx jungle streets. Gangsta-up, the two put together an organization to find the killer who has been ‘nocking off drug dealers that shared the same interest as they do.

Against all odds, Sly and King is still slanging drugs in the projects. The police force is trapped in a sticky web. Preservation and precaution is the answer to the electrifying realistic killings of drug dealers. Sly believe it’s a cop with a dirty itch. King thinks it’s someone close with a bad motive. But they both fear the unexpected…they might be next if they don’t get the killer first. New York is in an uproar for answer that comes with a quest of revenge. There’s a killer amongst ‘em seeking the blood of drug dealers. No one knows what will happen next. No one can see the outcome to an end…until Murder Season hits again.


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