Street Money


Street Money. The True Story of the Life of Anthony Sanders.




Street Money

Filling in the cracks and holes of a black concrete Anthony Sanders has decided to bring y’all the true story of his life…Street Money.

From the cold – blooded streets of Niagara Falls, NY to the trenches of Buffalo and Harlem; there are no limits to drug dealin’ and gun slingin’. From the backdoors of Canada, there is only one way to explain a hooker’s feet inside of a pair of high heeled pumps…the prime time lifestyle of pimpin’… quick money, sex, nice cars, jewelry and slick threads – this was “my resume.” From behind the cement walls of prison cells to the ratchet streets of Colorado and New Mexico, there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and no amount of blood, sweat, and tears that could “save me.” Getting high off “my own supply”…came embezzlement, right down to the deadly force of extortion, and livin’ off the veils of humanity. Whores, dope, blood, and dirty money. They say that the strong will survive and the weak will die; I ask one question and one question only…What part do “you and I play?” Because at the end of the day, the soul becomes a plea bargain deal for it all…for a small price of the game at heart “I had lived for.”

My name is Anthony Sanders aka “Tino”…I loved the streets, ‘cause I thought the streets had love for me. As my pops would say – a jail cell was like my second home…From pimpin’ to drug dealin’ to doin’ dope and stealin’…I knew best when it came to hustlin’ my soul for the next dollar. To make a long story short, I’ve macked many bitches and gave niggaz plenty stitches. For the record…I have conned the rich right down to their last dollar and came close to my own death. I don’t wish my enemies to play a part in this book, my autobiography…Street Money.


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